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  Basset Buddies Rescue of Texas



We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization staffed solely by volunteers devoted to the rescue of unwanted,
abused, and homeless basset hounds in Houston, TX, and surrounding regions.  Bassets are rescued from shelters 
or received directly from owners who feel unable/unwilling to continue to care for them.  The basset is placed in one 
of our organization's volunteer foster homes where it may be evaluated in terms of temperament and behavior.
Medical conditions are addressed and all unaltered animals are spayed/neutered prior to being adopted by
their new "forever families".  The vast majority of our rescue hounds come into our care with heartworm infection.  
Depending on the health of the hound, the treatment of this affliction may take as long as 2 months.  
This is in addition to any time needed for the basset to gain enough weight to begin the treatment, which adds
another several weeks to the timeline.  Despite the time and expense involved, it is our mission to provide the most
appropriate and humane treatment to each basset hound in our rescue.  As we are funded entirely by donations
from the public, the continuation of our work depends on the generosity of each one of you.

In conjunction with our rescue activities, educating the community regarding responsible and humane pet
ownership is another aspect of our mission.  This includes informing the public of the current pet overpopulation 
crisis, the benefits of spay/neuter programs, and the dangers of irresponsible breeding. 

Finally, our group is also focused on promoting a sense of community amongst those who are "owned" by a
basset hound (or would like to be).  We host a local Basset Hound Meetup Group and encourage anyone 
interested in a little basset-friendly socializing to sign up.  We are open to your suggestions for different activities 
and will plan future events based on attendees' feedback.  We also welcome any basset hound lovers to sign up for 
our Yahoo! group so that you may stay in-the-know about upcoming activities/events as well as share the antics
of your own basset hounds. 

We look forward to hearing from or meeting you soon!


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